Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dogs and Love Stories

I had been wanting to see the movie Marley and Me, but first I wanted to read the book. Knowing I had a car trip in my future, I purchased my copy and read while my husband drove to San Diego and back a couple of weekends ago. On Monday, which was a holiday, I took my daughter to the movie. Of course, the book was better, but both it and movie portrayed how a dog can be so much a part of our lives that they share our hopes, dreams and realities.

The story of a big, yellow dog reminded me of another dog who came to the rescue of a little boy named Jeremy who was struggling with his parent's divorce. Sir Issac Newton, a fluffy brown and white dog manages to win Jeremy over and his current owner finds his way into the heart of Emily Bryant, Jeremy's mother.

This delightful story of a little boy, a warm afternoon in the park, and the relization by Emily that she might give love another try makes this short story from the Wild Rose Press one of my favorites.

Well done, Kim Watters - Dog Days of Summer is a wonderful read.

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