Sunday, November 23, 2008

Book Signing Experiences

I wanted to share my experience at my first book signing. While I didn't have a sell out I made some fantastic connections and had some questions answered on things I was wondering about.

The sale was a local author's book sale put on my a writing group located in a small town about thirty miles up the interstate. I knew a handful of the authors from conferences and classes. We donated a small portion of each sale for the library that housed the event.

One of my unanswered questions was why "my town" (and the town of several of the visiting authors) was so seemingly unsupportive. I was relieved to find out that it wasn't just me and most of them hadn't had much response from our local bookstores, etc.

I received two more invitations to sales in smaller towns and was asked to speak in a book store in another town nearby. My table partner is entered in the Eppie's and she's also a judge - small world.

All in all - it was a great day. I guess what I'm trying to share here is that you need to take your promotions where you can find them even if that means a little traveling.

So, I've got to buy one of those little computer suitcases on wheels for my books & stuff, join my other fellow local authors on the road show and make the best of it all!

Have books, will travel . . .


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nicola Beaumont's Forever From Paris

I was so taken with this short story. The soft, poignant message of Nicola Beaumont’s TWRP Rosette left me with a renewed hope as how prayers and promises come to fruition.

Marty and Anna had been in love since they were sixteen but Anna’s life has dwindled due to a debilitating disease. Marty sat aside his dreams of becoming a minister and married Anna vowing to care of her, his forever love.

Anna knew her time was near but her one desire was for Marty to find someone else to share his life with once she was gone. Her dream and a unique set of promises begin to unfold with a chance encounter at the Louvre where Marty meets Marie Wu.

Find out how promises are kept when God is in control in Forever From Paris.

The Desire of her heart
Finally, a man who doesn’t think Marie is a bumbling fool for not being able to articulate her thoughts. Kind, thoughtful, attentive…handsome: He’s definitely the answer to her prayer for a devoted husband.

A promise of forever…
Observant, funny, shy…gorgeous: Martin is tempted by the thought of a lifetime with Marie, but he must put aside his desire, for his heart is not free to love another woman.

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I give this story my red heart: myspace graphic comments