Friday, October 24, 2008

I’m pleased to review Cindy K. Green’s Relationship Rescue

Two broken hearts and a hopeful friend lead a couple on their path to a relationship rescue.

A few short months earlier, Robynn and Mitch were on their way to the altar, but then he let her walk out of his life. She was hurt, he was shattered and seeing each other each Sunday at church didn’t help.

However, their friend, Marina Anthony, wanted to play matchmaker and reluctantly her husband, Chad, agrees. Marina plans blind dates for both Robynn and Mitch which turn out to be disastrous and they wind up in the Anthony’s coffee shop to soothe their egos.

Robynn finds Mitch sitting on a couch reading the sports page. They begin to talk and they realize Marina, who happens to be beaming from the counter, set them up. They leave for a walk and find themselves in their special place in the park where they discover: Love is patient, love is kind. . .


After Mitchell Regan and Robynn Hartley broke off their engagement, they remained friends and continued attending the same church. They've attempted to keep their unhappiness a secret from each other and everyone else but they can't fool their close friends, Marina and Chad Anthony, who decide enough is enough. It's time for a Relationship Rescue.

I give this my red rose bouquet: myspace graphic comments

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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Sigh of Love by Bess McBride

Bess McBride won me over with her Wild Rose Press publication, Love of My Heart, and when Bess first announced her book, A Sigh of Love, was to be released, I was anxious to get a copy.

Set in Alaska, which is painted in breathtaking beauty by the words of Ms. McBride, Abbie embarks on a lonely journey to revisit her former home. After her divorce ten years prior, Abbie moved to Seattle and devoted herself to motherhood then a coworker introduces her to George. Abbie and George correspond by phone for a few months and he pressures her to visit him. But when the nonrefundable plane ticket is purchased and Abbie notifies George of her plans, he makes it clear he doesn’t want her to come.

Abbie decides she’ll go to Alaska by herself, visit the old neighborhood and do a little sightseeing. Whether happy or sad Abbie has a habit of sighing which is noticed by her seatmate on the plane, an attractive Native American named Tom.

Abbie who sees herself as too eager and full of reservation is instantly attracted to him. As they share a few casual dates, she desperately wants to build a relationship with Tom but there are many obstacles in their way. Not only the possibility of a long distance romance but George suddenly appears in the picture as does Tom’s ex-wife, Debbie. Debbie and George want back what was once their’s which causes considerable doubt and hurt to Tom’s and Abbie’s budding relationship. She is heartbroken but can’t get Tom out of her mind.

This wonderfully written story finds two people who are full of self-doubt and fears. Since they’ve both experienced rejection and hurt in their past lives, they find it hard to trust each other.

While this book is certainly well worth the read, an incident happens midway through the story which makes it very hard to put down. In fact, I didn’t!

Thank you, Bess, for another great book.

I’m always so sad when your stories are over . . . . Sigh!

I give this book my golden heart award: myspace graphic comments

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