Sunday, September 14, 2008

Review ~ Table for One

I'm starting something new today - reviews. I'm reviewing a few of the titles from The Wild Rose Press and posting them here as time permits. Having just finished Georgiana Daniels' wonderfully funny, Table for One that's where I'll start.

Ms. Daniels blends the mishaps and misfortunes of Lucy Brocklehurst’s life into a charming tale of love and happy endings.

Lucy, as are all the single females in the church, is infatuated with the new youth minister, Carter but he seems to be equally infatuated with Marci. Lucy, along with Edgar and his meddling mother, Mrs. Flowers, sign up as youth group chaperones. Lucy joins because of Carter and all thought Lucy has no clue, Edgar joins because of her.

As Lucy’s 30th birthday arrives, her well-meaning mother plans Lucy a surprise party, but to Lucy’s horror only men have been invited. She arrives, delivered by her older brother, in sweats and an old tee shirt. After Carter tells Lucy he’s found her church notebook, the very one she’d doodled in during services linking her name and Carter’s, he tells her he wants to be “just friends”. Humiliated and also embarrassed by her parents’ hopes of finding her a date, she asks has Edgar to take her home.

Lucy then realizes maybe Edgar is the one who deserves her heart and they secretly start dating and Edgar’s mother begins an all out campaign to keep them apart. Edgar finally proposes but Lucy’s resolves begins to collapse. She feels she must let Edgar go and not make him choose between her and his mother, but a week doesn’t pass until Lucy spots Edgar with Marci!

Pick up a copy of Table for One for the poignantly sweet outcome of Lucy’s and Edgar’s relationship.

I recommend this book for a wonderfully happy romp through love and romance. I give it my Red Heart Award: myspace graphic comments

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Georgiana said...

Hi Vicki--I'm glad you enjoyed TFO!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Georgiana -

I really did! It even took a little trip with me to Los Angeles :)

It is a wonderful book.


Kara Lynn Russell said...

I've read this one and I agree, it is a wonderful book.