Monday, September 1, 2008

Introducing Guest Blogger Rose Zediker


I’m Rose Ross Zediker and I'm a writer. I have published numerous children's stories, articles, devotions and craft activities in the Christian genre. I have an inspirational novella out from The Wild Rose Press. I completed a non-fiction children's book, Wealth in Biblical Times with an upcoming release date.

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Through The Eyes of Love

Here is a blurb from my White Rosebud published by The Wild Rose Press. I hope you enjoy it!

Once the gangly boy next door, Mike Redmond grew into a six-foot, six-inch man. His former occupation as a guitarist in a Christian Rock Band necessitated a certain look including waist-length blond hair, goatee and hoop earrings. Forced into a major career change, Mike gave the situation over to God and follows what the Lord put on his heart. Opening a music store in Clearview and winning Audra's love.

Audra Pope runs a successful insurance agency but shies away from relationships, including one with God. Men want a perfect "magazine ad" woman and, due to her spine deformity, Audra doesn't meet that standard. Although Mike's outward appearance bothers an influential business owner, Audra begins to fall in love with him. Can she learn to see people, including herself, the way God does from the inside out?

This book is available for purchase through many outlets, including and Barnes &


Linda LaRoque said...

This sounds like a wonderful story. Few people realize how difficult it is to write a good inspirational novel. It sounds like you've hit the mark.

Rose said...

Thanks, Linda, I hope so. I really enjoyed writing it.


Rose said...


Thanks again for having me.


squiresj said...

I came from Pamela's website to check out this blog. I had not heard of Rose Zediker either. So today I have met two new Authors to check their website. I teach children so I really found this exciting. God Bless.

Rose said...


It's nice to meet you and I'm glad you checked out my blog entry.

Rose Ross Zediker