Thursday, June 5, 2008

Introducing Guest Blogger Cindy Green

May 30, 2008 marks the date for the release of Cindy’s sixth book title, Meeting Mr. Right Online. It is a sweet, chick-lit novella but never fear it ends with an HEA. A few questions to Cindy about writing this book.

How did you go about writing this story?
This story resulted from a few factors. I was reading a couple of chick-lit novels last spring, I’d just watched several episodes of a certain tv show with my sisters which resulted in the names of all the side characters, and I really did have an online friend like this who I had come to rely on and then all of a sudden didn’t hear from. My friend though was only a friend and we started writing again in a very short time. But the situation made me think…What if??? It all went from there.

Did you plot out this story or write it pantser style?
There was no plotting to this story until toward the end and then it was only ideas of what I wanted to happen to bring about the conclusion. I began writing this story on my PDA late at night in the dark (this is also how I wrote NovelTea #1). Sounds weird, right? :D Well, we authors are an odd lot. LOL! I was in the middle of editing a full-length novel and to those of you who have ever done that we know how consuming it is. I needed to write something new. So, there in the dark as my husband slept, I began this story.

Is the finished version much different from your first draft?

Yes, actually, it is. It is about 5,000 words longer to begin with. I changed the heroine’s profession, adding a secondary plot line about her work worries. And I made her love interest British instead of American. My husband calls me an Anglophile as I love all things British especially Period Dramas and British television. I thought, ‘I can write an English bloke.’ I had a couple English author friends read through his passages to make sure he seemed real. It seems he passed muster.

Meeting Mr. Right Online
By Cindy K. Green
Sweet/Chicklit Novella
By Grace Publishing

Watch the book trailer

What’s a girl to do when she’s thirty-three and all her friends have started their lives and left her behind?
Lucinda Kelley works for a local cable television show, assists her sister in her tumultuous relationships, and yearns for the day she can meet Mr. Right. All that seems to change when she meets Londoner Julian Crawford in an on-line tv chat room. Eight months later, via email he has become her best friend and closest confidant. Then one day the messages cease, and Lucinda feels lost until she makes a vow to end this infatuation with someone she has never met and move on to something real. When an alarming revelation is exposed, it could be Lucinda’s undoing or it might be exactly what she was looking for.

Excerpt #1: The Opening

Good evening, this is Amber Heffernan reporting live for Channel 11 entertainment news outside the beautiful Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. In just a few minutes, the glamorous Lucinda Kelley will emerge with her new husband, that handsome British financier. This couple has been in the media limelight since they first started seeing each other almost six months ago, outshining all of the other popular Hollywood pairs. The bride was married today in a Vera Wang strapless scoop-neck wedding gown, and I’m told she looked absolutely stunning. When the couple exits the hotel, they will travel to JFK International Airport to board the family jet to Jamaica where the twosome plan to depart for a two week honeymoon. After that they will settle into their Malibu home in California where Lucinda produces her award winning television sitcom…

The computer beeped letting me know it had finally booted up, and there I was, daydreaming again. I really had to stop doing that. I clicked the button once more, hoping this time it would be there. I held my breath for the few seconds it took to check my email messages, feeling that depressed, empty sensation yet again when I didn’t see it. Rubbing my forehead, I closed my eyes. This was absolutely ridiculous. Why did I torture myself so?

Excerpt #2: The Job

I stumbled onto my office floor right on time, my head aching from lack of sleep. I had maybe five minutes to spare. Just enough time to get some coffee and take my place at the writer’s table. The boy’s club greeted me as I stepped into the room. This may be a small cable television show, but it was still a man’s world. That is, except for Candace Clooney and myself. She looked like she could even be George’s daughter, too, with those dark penetrating eyes and the ability to sway people to her way of thinking. And, let’s not forget that smooth, creamy skin and pert nose. She’d been on staff a whole two years less than me—straight out of college, I might add—and they had already given her more writing credits than me this season. Her voice, her very presence, grated on my nerves like a piece of sand caught inside my eyelid. She was my nemesis, if you will—that is, if my life were a comic book. Well, sometimes it sure felt like it. And here I was waiting for my superhero to swoop in and save the day. Don’t hold your breath, Lucy.
I neared the coffee maker and grabbed a mug from the table. As I began to pour the hot beverage, an awful scent of designer perfume wafted toward me. Candace. It couldn’t be anyone else.
“Morning, Lucy.” She sounded just as irritatingly fresh as she looked in that trendy DKNY suit. Of course, her tone might fool others but I knew better. She was up to no good.
I gave her a half nod before returning to my coffee regimen. “Hey, Candace.”
She leaned backwards into the coffee sideboard so she could look me in the eyes—and probably show off her stick-figure legs to the guys at the table. “So, how are the pages coming this week? You need any help? We could bounce ideas off each other if you want.”
I turned my body so I faced her, standing tall and foreboding. I doubt I really appeared foreboding, even if I did stand about six inches taller than her. Another reason to hate her. Petite and adorable Candace. Please note the sarcasm. But don’t let her appearance distract you. She’s only ever looking out for herself.
“Thanks for the offer,” I replied with all the sweetness I could muster. “It’s coming together great.” I didn’t say anything else because I restrained myself and walked to the table, taking a seat next to my one and only work friend, Derek Recinos, an assistant script editor. Derek and I were friends, nothing more. He had a girlfriend who I actually liked. In fact, the three of us went out occasionally to a movie or dinner.
“Hey, Luc. What up with you?” asked Derek with a smile so charming it could literally knock any girl off her feet, especially a girl who hadn’t had a date in…a long time. He really should be careful the way he threw it around. He might cause some real damage. Gorgeous, six-foot-three Derek had olive skin, shiny black hair with a slight wave, and large cinnamon brown eyes. To top it off, he was also the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet.
“I’m fine. Nervous, but fine,” I replied, my hands starting to shake. Today could make or break me in this biz.

Excerpt #3: The Meeting

The Stranger stretched out his hand, and it took me a second to realize I should shake it. While placing my hand into his, I moved my eyes upward to his face. Time seemed to stop as I took in a good view of him. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Whoever said that must have met Julian. His eyes were deep, soulful as if he could read your every thought. He looked at me with an intensity I’d never felt before. As cliché as it sounds, I went weak in the knees, accompanied by a tingly sensation moving up my arm and down my back. I couldn’t help but shiver.
“Lucinda Kelley?” he asked me.
Oh my gosh! His voice…That accent. It was a warm baritone as alluring as his eyes which now took on a playful manner. I could still feel the effects of his voice deep down inside to the very core of me. I closed my eyes in a flutter.
“Is that the same Lucinda Kelley who writes for Waiting for Love?” His mouth quirked to the side as if holding back his humor.
My throat locked up and I couldn’t answer. My heart! There was something definitely wrong with my heart. The erratic beat couldn’t be healthy. A second later Liz spoke in my place. “Yes, she is. Have you seen the show? She’s very talented, my big sister.”
Julian never turned his gaze from my face, even as Liz spoke. “I thought I recognized the name.”
There could be no denying that he knew exactly who I was. I just wanted to disappear and find myself back at my home in my warm, comforting bed to realize that this whole episode had been some unbelievable dream. I could feel color creeping into my cheeks as if they were on fire.
Derek took this moment to lean over to my ear. “I’ve got to get going.” As I listened, I watched the smile melt from Julian’s mouth. I nodded over to Derek, and he took this as his first and only time to place a kiss on my cheek. He’d never done that before, and now he had to do it in front of Julian. Oh horrors!
As luck would have it, Maria came up at that moment and led Julian off to meet some of the other couples who had just arrived. I remained stapled to my spot. What was I going to do? Then it came to me. The break I needed to make my great escape had arrived—like Clint Eastwood in Escape from Alcatraz. I might even need one of those homemade rafts tonight, Clint.

Cindy K. Green was born in California but now resides in North Carolina with her husband and two young sons. Growing up, she loved reading and writing, but her heart always lay in teaching. After graduating from college with a degree in history, Cindy taught Jr. High for four years in just about every subject. After the birth of her second child, she was able to stay home and focus on her writing as well as homeschool her children. In her spare time, she loves reading, photography, scrapbooking, Period Dramas, and spending time with family. Cindy writes Inspirational, Contemporary, Suspense, Young Adult, Fantasy and Historical. To learn more, visit